Magnesia board

Product data:

Material Modified magnesia cement
Fireproofing characteristic A grade non combustible
Density 0.96g/cm3
Intensity of bending resistance when dry 18Mpa
Intensity of bending resistance when pick up the moisture condition 22 Mpa
The Rate of deformation when pick up the moisture 0. 26%
The shrinking rote when heated 1 0%
Water permeab1lity There is no drop of water to emerge in

the back

Impact resistance No crack, strip and run through
Thermal resistance 1.14m2k/w
Sound insulation ≥4dB
Color White
Security 100% does not include the asbestos,

formaldehyde, and benzene

Radioactivity Not limited by the scope of application

Main characteristic:

  • Outstanding fireproof performance
  • Keep warm, insulate against heat, the sound insulation is of good performance
  • Scientific prescription, really green environmental pretectional panel
  • Good performance ofDamp proof
  • Toughness can do the proper modeling
  • Antiseptic, protcetion against insects, defending ants
  • Construction simple, easy and swiff, easy to cut, bore, plane, shear
  • Durable, have long performance life
  • 100% dose not include the asbestos
  • Application to other modeling to decorate for twice

Propose about the place to use:

Commercial building Commercial mansion, public place of entertainment, market, and hotel
Industrial building Factory, warehouse
Residential building New-type house, fitting up renovating
Public place Hospital, theater, station

MGO BOARD  mgo_副本mgo

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