XPS/EPS Sandwich Panels


  • Good performance of sound insulation and keep warm: Composite board is used EPS or XPS to be compounded.
  • Fireproof: Flame retardant-grade EPS and XPS.
  • Green and environment protection: there are two kinds of way to compound, one is adhibited by itself, another is compound by glue, And the first way could be sure that formaldehyde and benzene are not contained 100%, the second way, we will adopt the glue according with technological standard of country, and to be sure it is environment protection.
  • easy to construct, and combine discretionarily: the size and thickness could be made according to your requirement, and install in locale one time to save the cost of installation, And we also could supply the special type to confirm the installation isd more easy.


Simple mobile home, cold storage, BaoNuanFang, there is a requirement for insulation and wall, also can be applied to ventilation pipe production and other fields

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Paper Coated Magnesia Board

Products data:

Material Modified magnesia cement
Fireproof characteristic A grade not combustible
Density 0.82g/cm3
Bending strength 17mpa
Impact resistance 6.0KJ/m2
Water permeability There is no drop of water to emerge in the back
Sound insulation ≥44dB
Security 100% does not include the asbestos. formaldehyde. and benzene
Radioactivity Not limited by the scope of application

Products characteristic:

Light weight and high intensity The density is less than 0.85g/cm3, the bending strength of 6mm>17mpa,

and 12mm board>21mpa

Superior fire endurance (fireproof) A grade noncombustible material test by national authority organization
Superior impact resistance Impact resistance of 9mm board>5.5KJ/m2,12mm board>12.7KJ/m.It is far

more than standard of regular board

Quick Construction and no dust: Cut the board could be used the knife directly, no dust pollution. simple

and convenient.

Lower loss Extra strip can be used again and with its original performance
Environmental protection 100% not contained asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene, no radioactivity.

More than 10 years life

Main characteristic:

  • Patent product
  • Outstanding fireproof performance
  • Keep warm, insulate against heat, good performance of sound insulation
  • Scientific prescription, really green environmental protection panel
  • Good performance of damp roof
  • Toughness can do the proper modeling
  • Antiseptic, protection against insects, defending ants
  • Construction simple, easy and swift, easy to decorate, bore, plane, and cut
  • Durable, have long performance life
  • 100% dose not included the asbestos
  • Applicable to other modeling to decorate for twice

Propose ablut the place to use:

Commercial building Commercial mansion, public place of entertainment, market, and hotel
Industrial building Factory, warehouse
Residential housing New-type house, fitting up renovating
Public place Hospital, theater, station


Item Gypsum Board Calcium Silicate Board Paper coated magnesia board
Fir resistance B1 Grade A Grade A Grade
Water absorption <26% <12% ≤18%
Bending strength >7mpa >18mpa >16mpa(9mm)
Impact resistance NO >6.5kg/m2 >5.5kg/m2
Nocuous substance No asbestos and formaldehyde With asbestos and formaldehyde No asbestos and formaldehyde
Operation Easy to operate Difficult to operate, more dust Easy to operate

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