XPS/EPS Sandwich Panels


  • Good performance of sound insulation and keep warm: Composite board is used EPS or XPS to be compounded.
  • Fireproof: Flame retardant-grade EPS and XPS.
  • Green and environment protection: there are two kinds of way to compound, one is adhibited by itself, another is compound by glue, And the first way could be sure that formaldehyde and benzene are not contained 100%, the second way, we will adopt the glue according with technological standard of country, and to be sure it is environment protection.
  • easy to construct, and combine discretionarily: the size and thickness could be made according to your requirement, and install in locale one time to save the cost of installation, And we also could supply the special type to confirm the installation isd more easy.


Simple mobile home, cold storage, BaoNuanFang, there is a requirement for insulation and wall, also can be applied to ventilation pipe production and other fields

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